Massive Action

Massive Action Kristine Cramer

We think that massive action is taking big action so we can reach our goals quickly. We want to get there fast and we’re always looking for the secret sauce to get it done. ⁠

Well, here’s the secret sauce—most big goals are just made up of lots of small steps, and will be more effective when we follow through with them consistently for a long time. It’s then we see the results we want.⁠ 

This is a truth that you might find to be both a relief and a disappointment.⁠ A disappointment because you sometimes wish you could just muster up lots of willpower and do something big and get the result right away. 

A relief because there is no big thing to be done after all.

Hard things are achieved by doing the steps you have outlined, as consistently as you can.⁠

You won’t be perfect at doing them and that’s ok.⁠ 

Just keep going and don’t give up before you see your small, consistent efforts pay off.⁠ It might take longer than you’d like, but one day you’ll look back and think,  “That wasn’t bad at all—it was doable and fun. So glad I stuck with it!”

And if you still feel like these small, consistent efforts aren’t producing your goals…reach out to me and let’s get you where you want to be.

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