Processing Our Emotions – Step 2: Allow & Name it

Describing emotions

How did your practice go with being more open to your emotions and normalizing them?

Having an awareness that all emotions are normal, whether they are positive or negative, hopefully shifted things a little for you.

When we drop the judgment and normalize our emotions, we can more easily believe that an emotion is showing up with good intention. It’s trying to teach us something.

It maybe trying to protect you or signal something important. There’s always something to learn, which is also true of sensations that start in our body and travel to our brain. That’s how we learn when we’re hot, cold, tired, hungry, etc.

Our emotions which are created in our mind from the stories we tell ourselves, release chemicals that travel to our body. We feel the energy frequency it produces. Take a few deep breaths, be still and listen to whatever the emotion has to teach you.

Locate where you’re feeling the emotion in your body. Allow it to be there, describe it—is it big or small, is it hot or cold, is it dark color or a light color? Get curious and creative. Be open to the experience.

Give it a name, that also creates some space to observe it—maybe it’s fear. Listen to it, but don’t allow it to manage you. Take fear along with you as you go through your daily activities, but don’t let it drive. It’s a good way to get some power back.

Emotions can seem really scary, but as you get to know them and learn from them, the more connection you will have with yourself and with others.

It takes some practice dropping judgment for your emotions and observing them with curiosity and compassion. It’s okay. You’ve got time.

If you still need help dropping judgement, schedule a free call with me today.

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