Confidence or Self-Confidence–Is there a difference?

Self confidence Kristine Cramer

Here’s the scoop!

Confidence is the emotion you feel because you’re thinking, “I’ve done this before, I’ve got this.” And Bam, you do! When we’ve done something before, even many times before, we can draw from that experience and know that we’ll be successful again. We all know how to pour a glass of water. We can almost do it with our eyes closed.

According to Dan Sullivan’s, 4 C’s Formula, Confidence comes as a result of first making a Commitment, then mustering up the Courage to follow through with that commitment, which increases your Capability and Voilá–Confidence.

The fun thing to know is that Self-Confidence is behind the 4 C’s Formula. It’s why you can ultimately be successful, no matter what. Self Confidence is created by the thought, “I haven’t done this before, but I can figure it out. It’s fine. I’m good.” In other words, it doesn’t really matter whether we’ve done something before or not. Self-confidence will help us in doing something new–Every Time.

Self-Confidence is an overall opinion of yourself. It’s a belief in your ability to trust yourself, to have your own back. It’s knowing you can experience any emotion (including a fail), without being harmed (not taking it personally, wallowing in it and getting stuck).

Self-Confidence enables you to keep moving forward, working on your goals and aspirations, no matter what.

Self confidence is developed by building and shaping your mental, emotional, and spiritual health to help you stay grounded, centered, fully present in your life—all of it, even the worst parts of it—and still know that you’re okay.

Your level of self confidence is closely related to your level of emotional resilience. And the amount of emotional resilience can be felt as a reserve of emotional bandwidth you have on hand.

You don’t have to wait for something to happen to feel better or to feel motivated. You can evoke the emotion, the motivation you want, to move forward. This all comes from your thoughts and beliefs.

The bottom line is we want to work on developing Self-Confidence, to trust ourselves, fail over and over again, keep going, and not take it personally, at least not for very long. 😉 It’s all good.

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